Email marketing

Natural Sparx

As the agency responsible for writing and creating emails for Natural Sparx, we have become a bit of an authority on many aspects of the domestic solar power industry.

As part of the global Rexel Group, Natural Sparx specialises in renewable energy and the solar power industry, selling a wide range of products to installers across the UK.

Our part in their marketing is to help generate sales and awareness through a regular email marketing program targeted at the installer.

A mix of sales messages and general email newsletters helps keep Natural Sparx forefront in the mind of customers and prospects. Octagon Creative prides itself on commitment to quality and the belief that the client must never be let down.

“The emails we create for Natural Sparx are bespoke but follow a brand template. We work with the team at Natural Sparx to ensure they are 110% happy with the result before the scheduled mailing date.”

Robin Brown, Octagon Creative Ltd

Client:Natural Sparx
Date: March 26, 2013