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Technical information to customer friendly selection guide

RS Components came to us with 100s of Cable lines with 1000s of attributes, but we did not let this get in the way!

With the challenge of creating an online technical product selection guide for its customers that could house not only its extensive range of cables and accessories but its wide range of manufacturers and important technical attributes, was no mean feat, but Octagon were ready to take the challenge!

By taking all our technical knowledge and experience in creating such guides, we got to work and after some creative work with the vast amount of product data, regulations and imagery by our team the 32-page Cable guide was produced. It was well received by our client and after its release to customers it attracted 5 other RS Components markets to have it localised for their customers.
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A quiz to get the conversation started!

Creating customer engagement was what RS Components were after!

When RS Components came to us with a brief for an online interactive quiz to create engagement with its customers around Personal Protective Equipment, we were excited to take up the challenge! 

We got to work with the 8 PPE questions provided and built up a storyboard of how the quiz could work, bringing the important subject of protective equipment to life by introducing fun characters in realistic work environments. 

Once approved by the client, we worked using bold colours and graphics in an interactive way to make the quiz fun for the customers to participate in.  

To keep things interesting, we incorporated multiple choice questions, sliding options and yes/no answers which included valuable PPE information within the answer-box pop-ups. 

We used our knowledge at Octagon to collaborate with the client’s technical web team to ensure that it worked as it should with customers and RS Components sales teams.

The quiz was well received by RS Components, its sales teams and customers, and came at a time when online collaboration was key during the pandemic.

“From brief to storyboard, impressive graphics to realistic environments, Octagon created a first-class Interactive quiz for us to create engagement with customers in PPE. ” Mark James, Senior Marketing Manager – Commercial Programmes at RS Components
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A rebrand of a product brochure for our new client – as experts in the Auto and Dental clave industry, it was crucial that not only did Octagon Creative create a product brochure that was technically correct, but also eye-catching as well.

Fortunately for this new customer, our speciality is technicality! With our 40 years + combined experience we successfully created a professional yet enticing brochure that did not compromise on quality or detail.

“I would recommend the team at Octagon Creative for their quick response in confirming they can deliver the job against our short deadlines and for the quality in which they delivered our completely newly designed brochure!” Sophie, MDS Advertising & Marketing Executive

Octagon is an extension to the team

A customer’s reduced team, with many on furlough, didn’t halt production
of their PPE Guide

When our client returned from furlough to a reduced team and an urgent need to get visibility of their Protective Measures products in front of their customers, we were there to be an extension to their team and help them create their interactive online guide.

Octagon was able to create detailed, visually appealing illustrations of a technical production environment that utilised interactive hyperlinks to help customers find the appropriate products.

This Protective Measures Guide has now been localised into 11 different languages and has proven to be a crucial, reusable sales tool. 

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Our time to shine

An international customer came to Octagon for help with dual-branding their brochure

A 6-hour time difference and complicated branding challenges did not get in the way of helping to create a new brochure for our client.

With two brands needed to be front and centre, we drafted a design that would give the customer all the information they needed to make a purchase, as well as help them understand the relationship between the brands.

By making use of our team’s specialties we were able to deliver a fantastic, informative and technical product selection guide. The guide has now been translated into 5 other languages and has been a huge success for the client – with whom we continue to work.

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